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Our summer camps include a variety of fun-filled activities that encourage learning and motivate kids to SMILE!  Scroll down for questions and answers and check out some of our fun plans below:




Knights, kings, and queens…OH, MY! Enter the wonderful world of strategy and tactics as kids learn how to plan ahead and problem solve through professional chess coaches. Our programs provide instruction for all skill levels!

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Nothing’s more refreshing than a cool dip in the pool to break from the summer heat! Our campers enjoy periodic water and swimming activities at various times throughout the summer.

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Foreign Languages

Our well-rounded program offerings include expert instruction in multiple foreign languages! Our participants can develop a valuable skill that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives, enhancing their appreciation for other cultures and their ability to communicate with others.

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Fitness and FUN!!!

Our programs are designed to offer participants a wide variety of activities that focus on learning, fitness and fun! Our participants love the hands-on instruction from expert coaches and instructors, all designed to create a healthy, high-energy environment.

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Pizza Party and Prizes

Lunch is on us every Friday, as we throw a weekly pizza party for all of our campers! Celebrate the culmination of an exciting week with a few slices of cheesy deliciousness, as well as fun prizes for everyone!

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Field Trips!

We’re doubling the fun this year with TWO field trips every week!  Our field trips include exciting trips to places like Tampa Bay Rays games, the Museum Of Science & Industry, the Florida Aquarium, the Glazer Children’s Museum, Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp, local parks & historical monuments and MANY MORE!  

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Music and Theatre

Step onto the stage and show your stuff! Our music and theatre elements provide hands-on instruction from experienced teachers, developing artistic skills in a fun, exciting environment!

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Outdoors and Nature

Step outside, breath the fresh air, and connect with the amazing world around you! Our camps offer valuable learning experiences in outdoor and nature education, giving our participants a greater knowledge and appreciation for our planet, the environment, and all the amazing living things that call it home!

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Spectacular Sports

Our sports programs provide an extensive variety of learning experiences for all participants! Campers receive hands-on instruction from expert coaches in a wide range of sports, including soccer, basketball, flag football, martial arts, golf, tennis and MORE! Participants enjoy a high-quality learning environment with PGA golf pros, USPTA tennis pros, black-belt martial arts instructors, certified ...

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Wacky Science and Exploration

Learn how our amazing world works and explore new horizons at our camps! Our experienced science instructors lead campers in fun, high-energy classes filled with hands-on activities and crazy experiments!

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Art and Creativity

Explore your creative side with our fantastic art elements! Campers receive fun-filled instruction from experienced teachers in many different forms of art, helping to develop their own confidence, skills, and unique flavor of inspiration!

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Looking for the best Tampa summer camps?

Bradstreet Sports offers unique Tampa Summer Camps  including full and half day options as well as specialty sports camps, science camps, music camps, drama camps, cooking camps, computer camps, karate camps, tennis camps, and more! Our coaches and teachers are are experts in their fields and engage kids in learning, creativity, and FUN!

Our summer camps in Tampa are designed to provide campers with a fun and exciting summer camp experience while giving parents peace of mind in knowing that programs are safe, educational and staffed with coaches and teachers who are certified and/or experts in their fields. With over 22 years of experience in sports instruction, Bradstreet Sports’ summer camps in Tampa for 2015 are a great place for your child to spend time playing, learning, and making friends!

For a complete list of our summer camps in Tampa for 2015, contact us now. We offer the following  to children who live in a variety of locations including Citrus Park Summer  Camps, Lutz Summer Camps, Tampa Summer Camps, Northdale Summer Camps, Land O Lakes Summer Camps, Odessa Summer Camps , Carrollwood Summer Camps, and more. Various camp options are available including:.

What’s the difference between our environment and your typical Tampa summer program?

This is NOT your typical summer program. Although there are many options for summer activities for kids in Tampa, we strive to be different. We are different. Our programs consist of core sports and educational classes in conjunction with teaching on character values through a character training curriculum. Kids can enjoy full doses of fun and activity in each of our half and full day settings. The result of all of this is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

What do the kids do each day/week?

We offer a wide variety of camps including full and half day Tampa sports camps, music camps, science camps, tennis camps, soccer camps, and more. We offer both inside and outside camps which include ample time for breaks and down time.

In our full day summer camps, campers experience a wide variety of sports classes and educational classes. Kids stay active and rotate through different activities throughout the day. Each class segment lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour with breaks between classes. For a sample schedule, please contact us and we’ll send one right over!

Why Bradstreet Camps?

Our camps are designed to keep kids active while enjoying a variety of team and individual sports as well as educational classes. Recipes for great summer programs include sports, educational enrichment, activity, caring and experienced teachers, a safe environment, and great teaching on healthy competition, sportsmanship, attitude, effort, and more.

What sports and classes are part of the Bradstreet Sports curriculum?

Kids will enjoy a wide variety of sports such as:

Martial arts, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, dance, volleyball, flag football, and more.

and will experience classes like:

Wacky Science, drama and acting, creative art, music, heroic history, computer labs, and more!

For Specific Camp Information including Dates, Locations, Times, and Camp Cost, please click on your area of interest below.

If you are looking for any of the following camps, you’ve found the best summer programs for children in Tampa!

  • Lutz summer camps
  • Land O’ Lakes summer camps
  • Odessa summer camps
  • Carrollwood summer camps
  • Northdale summer camps
  • Citrus Park summer camps
  • Westchase summer  camps
  • Trinity summer camps

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