After school programs

Lutz After School Program

Foreign Languages

Our well-rounded program offerings include expert instruction in multiple foreign languages! Our participants can develop a valuable skill that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives, enhancing their appreciation for other cultures and their ability to communicate with others.

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Fitness and FUN!!!

Our programs are designed to offer participants a wide variety of activities that focus on learning, fitness and fun! Our participants love the hands-on instruction from expert coaches and instructors, all designed to create a healthy, high-energy environment.

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Music and Theatre

Step onto the stage and show your stuff! Our music and theatre elements provide hands-on instruction from experienced teachers, developing artistic skills in a fun, exciting environment!

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Outdoors and Nature

Step outside, breath the fresh air, and connect with the amazing world around you! Our camps offer valuable learning experiences in outdoor and nature education, giving our participants a greater knowledge and appreciation for our planet, the environment, and all the amazing living things that call it home!

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Spectacular Sports

Our sports programs provide an extensive variety of learning experiences for all participants! Campers receive hands-on instruction from expert coaches in a wide range of sports, including soccer, basketball, flag football, martial arts, golf, tennis and MORE! Participants enjoy a high-quality learning environment with PGA golf pros, USPTA tennis pros, black-belt martial arts instructors, certified ...

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Wacky Science and Exploration

Learn how our amazing world works and explore new horizons at our camps! Our experienced science instructors lead campers in fun, high-energy classes filled with hands-on activities and crazy experiments!

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Art and Creativity

Explore your creative side with our fantastic art elements! Campers receive fun-filled instruction from experienced teachers in many different forms of art, helping to develop their own confidence, skills, and unique flavor of inspiration!

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Looking for the best After School Program in Lutz? 

You’ve found the right place!

Bradstreet Sports offers unique Lutz after school programs  including tutoring/homework assistance, sports instruction with coaches who are experts in their fields, enrichment classes, and a unique character training curriculum.

If you’re child attends an elementary school in Lutz join now to reserve your spot! 

With transportation available from area schools including Citrus Park Elementary, Citrus Park Christian School, Essrig Elementary, Hammond Elementary, Northwest Elementary, Claywell Elementary, and others,  our programs are accessible to many students looking for an after school program for kids in Lutz.    If your child attends one of the following schools, contact us to check on the availability of bus pick up for our program: 

This innovative program is conveniently located at our Lutz location as well as our new location in Land O’ Lakes.

What’s the difference between our environment and your typical Westchase after school program?

This is NOT your typical after school program. Although Tampa is a HOST to many after school programs and daycares, our program is unlike a typical childcare program with a community center mentality. Time spent at our program is full of activity, learning, and FUN!

There’s nothing better than an active afternoon after a day of school!!!

Education, sports and FUN are the name of the game in this innovative program for kids in grades K thru 5th.

What do the kids do each day/week?

With a heavy emphasis on education and daily homework completion time, your child will surely benefit from dedicated study time. Each day will also feature tutoring and study advice to assist students in their quest for academic excellence.

Our life skills sports and enrichment after school programs are designed to keep kids active while enjoying a variety of team and individual sports as well as educational enrichment activities. Life skills programs were created to incorporate important life lessons including teaching on healthy competition, sportsmanship, attitude, effort, and more.

We keep our ratios low so that your child receives appropriate attention and supervision. Our sport instruction components are specially designed to introduce sports in a recreational environment where kids can learn skills from experienced coaches while having a great time!

Who provides the tutoring? Who staffs the homework time?

We offer a homework and tutoring time that far exceeds the offering of a typical aftercare program.  At B.E.S.T., we provide homework assistance and tutoring through our network of experienced tutors and/or certified teachers. These veteran teachers offer expert study advice, homework help and school work assistance.

What sports are part of the Bradstreet Sports curriculum?

Kids will enjoy a wide variety of sports such as:

Martial arts, dance, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, dance, volleyball, flag football, and more.

and will learn about

Endurance, speed, flexibility, strength, nutrition, healthy habits, and more!

What enrichment activities are part of the Bradstreet  curriculum?

Our enrichment activities are fun and diverse.  We include activities like chess, art, wacky science, music,  nature, and more.  

Who teaches the sports and enrichment activities?

Teachers with specific experience in their particular specialty teach each activity.  We only use coaches and instructors who are experts or veterans at their particular endeavor.

Contact us now for more information or to  reserve a spot. Space is limited!