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Our summer camps include a variety of fun-filled activities that encourage learning and motivate kids to SMILE!  Scroll down for questions and answers and check out some of our fun plans below:


Looking for the best Tampa summer camps?

Bradstreet Sports offers unique Tampa Summer Camps  Our coaches and teachers are are experts in their fields and engage kids in learning, creativity, and FUN!

Our summer camps in Tampa are designed to provide campers with a fun and exciting summer camp experience while giving parents peace of mind in knowing that programs are safe, educational and staffed with coaches and teachers who are certified and/or experts in their fields. With over 30 years of experience in sports instruction, Bradstreet Sports’ summer camps in Tampa for 2020 are a great place for your child to spend time playing, learning, and making friends!

For a complete list of our summer camps in Tampa, contact us now.

What’s the difference between our environment and your typical Tampa summer program?

This is NOT your typical summer program. Although there are many options for summer activities for kids in Tampa, we strive to be different. We are different. Our programs consist of core sports and educational classes in conjunction with teaching on character values through a character training curriculum. Kids can enjoy full doses of fun and activity in each of our half and full day settings. The result of all of this is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

What do the kids do each day/week?

We offer a wide variety of camps including full and half day Tampa sports camps, music camps, science camps, tennis camps, soccer camps, and more. We offer both inside and outside camps which include ample time for breaks and down time.

In our full day summer camps, campers experience a wide variety of sports classes and educational classes. Kids stay active and rotate through different activities throughout the day. Each class segment lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour with breaks between classes. For a sample schedule, please contact us and we’ll send one right over!

Why Bradstreet Camps?

Our camps are designed to keep kids active while enjoying a variety of team and individual sports as well as educational classes. Recipes for great summer programs include sports, educational enrichment, activity, caring and experienced teachers, a safe environment, and great teaching on healthy competition, sportsmanship, attitude, effort, and more.

What sports and classes are part of the Bradstreet Sports curriculum?

Kids will enjoy a wide variety of sports such as:

Martial arts, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, dance, volleyball, flag football, and more.

and will experience classes like:

Wacky Science, drama and acting, creative art, music, heroic history, computer labs, and more!

For Specific Camp Information including Dates, Locations, Times, and Camp Cost, please contact us.

Contact us now for more information or to reserve a spot.

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What kind of summer camps in Tampa does B.E.S.T. offer? Are there summer camps in Pasco County as well? What does the typical day look like in your summer program for kids?

After School

What make Bradstreet Sports after school activities different than a Tampa daycare or childcare setting? Isn’t this the same as a regular Hillsborough County after school program?Does Bradstreet offer tennis lessons in Tampa? Does B.E.S.T offer special programs for kids that home school in Tampa? How 'bout martial arts classes for kids in Tampa? More info .. . .


Does Bradstreet offer tennis lessons in Tampa? Does B.E.S.T offer special programs for kids that home school in Tampa? How 'bout martial arts classes for kids in Tampa?