Privacy Policy

This site and Bradstreet Sports, Inc. collect personal information when you visit us online or offline to search for information, browse articles and posts, conduct a transaction, and in other relevant instances.   We collect this information from you to provide you with services, respond to your questions, and respond to your requests for more information.   Personal information may include things like your name, phone number(s), email address(es), physical address, or other information that is associated with your identification.

Our policy is to not disclose or disseminate your information to third parties without your permission unless on your behalf or request or when required by the law or in legal proceedings or to fulfill the needs of a service or service provider.

Our site and service automatically collect and store the following information about your visit to our website:

General log details.  We may maintain your internet domain or ISP, the browser you used to visit our site, the date and time of your site visit, details about the pages that you visited, your internet protocol address, operating system, information about the source of your visit and related statistics (referral information) where we have advertisements or other links or banners.  This informational data may include focused details like whether you clicked on a specific link, advertisement, or banner to visit our site or that caused you to visit our site and may identify the originating site which linked you to our site.

We use the types of data above to improve our site for our site visitors and to learn more about the parts of our site that are being used the most, underused, or need improvement.  We also use the data to determine which links from referrers are effective and useful and examine data statistics to analyze the efficacy of advertisements and banners.

Our site(s) are designed to permit you to send us information like emails, phone numbers, addresses, names, and other relevant information.   We use that information to respond to you with appropriate information or to serve you per a request you have made.  If you submit or provide a phone number to us, you are giving us permission to contact you even if you are registered with the national “Do Not Call” list.

You will only receive information from Bradstreet Sports, Inc. or our partners that is relevant to our services for you.  If you are a new user, we provide information to you that is relevant to your request and our other services.  If you are a past or current client, we assume that you would like to continue to receive information until you notify us otherwise.

To continue providing the services of this site and for site security reasons, our computer systems may use programs to observe network traffic to identify attempts to change our site information or otherwise upload unauthorized information to our site that may damage our site. Any such action may be investigated.